Quality, Safety and Control Policy

The Coltrans Business Group, based on the commitment of our Senior Management, offers our clients logistics coordination services in foreign trade operations. In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to:
- Continuous improvement of our processes, to provide the best service in accordance with the needs and requirements of our business partners, ensuring the fulfillment of their products' requirements.
- Promote a healthy and safe working environment for our partners and stakeholders.
- Identify risks and mitigation of the impact that can affect the achievement of our objectives.
- Develop strategic and secure supply chain alliances that allow us to conduct our operations reliably, safely and in a timely manner, supported by an integrated management system, the competent and committed human resource, the technological infrastructure and compliance with the legal requirements in force.
- Ensure the availability of resources that allow us to achieve the objectives, guaranteeing a profitability level for the company.

Quality, Security and Control Objectives

  1. Meet the needs of our customers with constant, reliable and truthful information about their cargo and provide timely and secure delivery of their documents and merchandise.
  2. Continuously improve the Quality, Safety and Control Management System of COLTRANS S.A.S. and ensure that its operation is effective.
  3. Obtain services from competent and qualified personnel by performing effective selection and training processes
  4. Promote the planning, execution, control of activities and actions to identify and mitigate risks that may affect the interests of business partners, to generate security and trust.
  5. Provide and maintain the technology infrastructure needed to achieve compliance with service requirements.
  6. Promote a safe and secure environment for all workers and stakeholders by identifying hazards and risks, preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases in compliance with current regulations

Corporate values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Honesty and Transparency
  3. Commitment.
  4. Social Responsibility.