Integral Logistics

  • Project Management.
  • Over dimensional loads.
  • Physical Distribution.
  • Study of routes and recommendations
  • Projections of Costs.
  • Analysis of costs from the origin point to the jobsite.
  • Development of planning process considering the logistics and transport.
  • Creation of logistics centers nationally and internationally.
  • Service Centers to suppliers.
  • Process and cargo tracking


Conventions and Exhibitions Logistics

Global Transport exhibition (Gate / Stand - Stand / Gate) :

  • Pick up at the customer's warehouse
  • Temporary customs clearance / Final
  • Storage (Enclosure Customs)
  • Consolidated Transport (Cargo)

Care Services Fair:

  • Delivery to your booth stand
  • Human Resources and advice available to the client
  • Rental of special equipment such as cranes, trailers, etc.
  • Handling and storage of empty packaging
  • Documentation and customs clearance of potential sales.

Exports and Customs

Nationalization and exports in the shortest time possible.

The company’s experience is based on a service that specializes in information management and cargo. Coltrans has been positioned as a company of high reliability and support to its customers.

  • Customs, nationalization and inspection of goods.
  • Management of special systems of Import & Export (Plan Vallejo).
  • Consulting and Operations Management for UAPS and ALTEX.
  • Tariff Study and classification of goods.
  • Control of temporary Imports, short and long term.
  • Advice on customs law and foreign exchange regime.
  • It offers storage options through free-zones and customs-areas agreements.
  • Implementation of import and export benefits for International Conventions.
  • Preparation and processing of records and / or licenses through VUCE.
  • In House Service